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Be Ready with CPF

We’re living longer. From your first day of work to your golden years, CPF can help you be better prepared for your housing, healthcare and retirement needs. Are you making the most of your CPF savings to be ready for your future? Take this quiz to find out!

4 in 5 Singaporeans would like to maintain their lifestyle when they retire*.

* Source: CPF Board Survey 2019, sample size of 1,000 Singaporeans and PRs

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For just $100 a month to your Special Account or Retirement Account at interest rates of up to 5% p.a., your retirement nest egg can grow by more than $24,000* in 15 years. Try out the top-up tool to find out how much more you can grow your CPF savings.

* Computed using base interest rate of 4% p.a. on the Special Account (SA). Other terms and conditions apply

In 2018, nearly 1 million Singaporeans used CPF to pay for their housing.

* Source: CPF Board Annual Report 2018, based on number of CPF members who have withdrawn their CPF savings for their housing needs.

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A fully paid up home gives you security to age in place without having to worry about rent. Besides funding your retirement, you can use your Ordinary Account savings for your downpayment and housing loans (for both HDB and private property purchases). Check out how your OA savings can be used for your housing needs.

In 2018, almost $1 billion was withdrawn by CPF members from their MediSave Accounts for approved medical expenses.

** Source: CPF Board Annual Report 2018, based on amount withdrawn under MediSave Scheme for approved medical expenses

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Large medical bills can affect your retirement savings. You can use your MediSave savings for your own or your family’s hospitalisation, day surgery, certain outpatient expenses and healthcare premiums. Find out what you can use your MediSave for.

1 in 2 Singaporeans aged 65 today are expected to live beyond 85*.

* Source: Department of Statistics, Population 2018

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We are living longer. With increasing standards of living, it might mean your retirement lifestyle will be vastly different from your parents’. With CPF LIFE, you will get monthly payouts in your golden years for as long as you live. Check out the CPF LIFE estimator to know how much you will need by age 55 to receive the payouts you want.