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We are living longer, and our retirement in the future might be very different from how our grandparents or even our parents retire today. Our retirement plans will need to meet our changing needs. The “Be Ready with CPF” campaign shows you how to make the most of your CPF savings for greater peace of mind in your golden years.

Time has a way of passing by even before we realise it. It’s a good thing that from the time we started work, we have actually been saving for our retirement since our first CPF contribution with our Ordinary, Special and MediSave Accounts. We don’t save for our retirement alone– our employers help too. Did you know that for every $1 you contribute to your Special Account, your employer also chips in another 85 cents?

Our CPF provides a good foundation for our retirement through home ownership, healthcare coverage, and having a steady stream of income in retirement. With the power of compound interest, the earlier you act to build up your CPF savings, the higher your eventual savings might be. CPF LIFE also helps ensure that we have monthly payouts for as long as we live, so that together with our personal savings, we can have greater peace of mind in our golden years.

The future may be closer than we think, but we can always be better ready for it with CPF! Check out the rest of the site for tips and information on how to maximise the use of CPF to better meet your retirement needs and be ready for your future.