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What gives life meaning?

In recent years, we have seen great changes around us. For Singaporeans, we’ve come to expect more of our future and that has motivated everyone to rethink what a good life means.

With a clear plan, we can all live out our own definition of a good life, and at our own pace – even more so if we don’t have to worry about our finances for our basic needs in life.

And when it comes to securing these needs, your CPF has given you a head start since your first CPF contribution. As your CPF savings grow over time with the attractive interest rates of up to 5% p.a.*, it provides for your three basic needs in retirement – home ownership, healthcare protection and retirement income.

Retire from work, but not from life

Similarly, as we manage our day-to-day demands, we should not forget to actively plan for the future so that our golden years can be spent focusing on our passions, whatever they may be. At the heart of this is having a sound financial plan that allows you the freedom to pursue your life’s purpose.

With CPF LIFE giving you monthly payouts no matter how long you live, your retirement can allow you more time to pursue your passions. It can also be a new chapter to discover and follow new interests. As a national longevity insurance annuity scheme that insures you against running out of savings, there are three plans to choose from that cater to different needs – the Escalating Plan, Standard Plan and Basic Plan.

Planning can start with small habits now and yet have significant impact on your future, just like how small and regular top-ups to your CPF can give you higher CPF LIFE payouts in retirement. With no minimum top-up amount, every dollar in your Special Account will more than double in 20 years. What’s more, you’ll be able to enjoy tax relief for cash top-ups to yourself and your loved ones too.

Make the rest of your life, the best of your life

We will continue to see many changes in the years to come, and it’s time you took a moment to consider what you’d like to do as you move through life. Before you take any leap of faith, rest assured that you can count on your CPF savings to be your foundation.

No idea where to begin?

Be inspired by some examples of purposeful pursuits in the cards below or simply try out this quiz to find out what matters most to you and see where it takes you.

Don’t live your life pondering over the possibilities.

We have one life to live – it should be one that is filled with purpose.

Every purpose needs a plan. Find yours today.

Irene Kang
Group Director (Communications), CPF Board
Drawing out the best in people is my purpose

*To enhance the retirement savings of CPF members, the Government pays extra interest on the first $60,000 of your combined balances. Terms and conditions apply. Read about the CPF interest rates here.

Have you found your life purpose?

Get inspired to lead a purposeful life and find out if any of the ideas below resonate with what you think can bring you joy. Otherwise, try out this quiz to discover your life purpose!

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