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3 tools to help you plan your financial future

Try the tools below to get a better idea on how you can start making the most of your CPF savings to grow your retirement nest egg. Or receive a personalised guide by finding out your life purpose.

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Get the monthly payouts you want

CPF LIFE gives you monthly payouts no matter how long you live, so that you can worry less, and have a stable income to pursue your life purpose. Use this tool to estimate how much you need to set aside to receive your desired monthly payouts.

I need

Account at 55

Account at 65

  • Payouts are based on CPF LIFE Standard Plan for a 55-year-old in 2022.
  • Payout is based on interest rate of 4% p.a.
  • Payout is assumed to start from the payout eligibility age of 65 which applies for those born in 1954 and after. You can see the full payout eligibility ages here.
  • CPF LIFE monthly payout may be adjusted every year to take into account factors such as interest rates and mortality experience.
  • For a more detailed estimation of the payouts, please use the CPF LIFE Estimator (for age 55 – 79).
  • This tool is for illustrative purposes only and actual results may vary.

Grow your CPF savings today to enjoy higher monthly payouts through CPF LIFE

Click here to find out more about making top-ups

image Make an instant top-up via PayNow

  1. Go to e-Cashier
  2. Select Top up my own/recipient’s RA/SA under the Retirement Sum Topping-Up Scheme (RSTU)
  3. Make your payment immediately via scanning the QR code generated with your bank’s mobile app

image Make a CPF transfer online

  1. Log in with your Singpass at myCPF website
  2. Go to my cpf > My Requests
  3. Click on Building Up My/My Recipient’s CPF Savings
  4. Select the transfer option you want under Using CPF
  5. Complete and submit the online application form
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